Naacam Show incorporation the DAC NLI

Newsletter 2 2017

NAACAM identified the need for a high profile, world class automotive supply chain focused event that would bring together suppliers from across the country, as well as important stakeholders that are critical to the future success of the automotive industry in South Africa. A key partner in producing the NAACAM SHOW was the Durban Automotive Cluster, identified due to the success of the annual DAC National Localisation Indaba held in Durban.

It's all about the customer

Newsletter 1 2017

Satisfying the ever-increasing demands of customers remains a central challenge for all firms, regardless of which sector they are operating in. This challenge is clearly evident for automotive suppliers, and especially those supplying OEMs. This is also the case for suppliers located in South Africa.

While the journey is not over, we have come a long way

July-September 2016

When considering the performance of the South African automotive component industry, the focus is primarily on the industry’s latest performance levels. However, we often fail to reflect and celebrate how far the industry has actually come, not only in recent years, but over an extended period of time (i.e. over the last decade).

The SA auto supplier industry: a sector under pressure, but there are positives

January-March 2016

The benchmarking findings from 2015 highlight that the South African automotive supplier industry is a sector under pressure. Despite this, the findings also reveal that there are definite positives evident and reasons for optimism.

The National Localisation Indaba

April-June 2015

It is clear that localisation is central to the growth and sustainability of the automotive industry in South Africa. To this end, the National Localisation Indaba is taking place on 28 and 29 July 2015 in Durban.

Production volume as a driver of competitiveness and localisation

January-March 2015

Low production volumes are frequency cited as one of the key reasons for local suppliers being unable to meet a global price benchmark and in many cases for it therefore not being viable to localise certain components.

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