Localisation and Growth


Increased levels of localisation and supporting the industry’s growth are the key objectives of this programme.

Quarterly Knowledge Sharing Meetings


These quarterly sessions bring together DAC member firms to share knowledge, experience, and case studies of various localisation and growth successes, in order to ensure the industry as a whole continues to work towards increased levels of local content. The workshops are conducted in conjunction with the Localisation and Growth Programme TSC which is responsible for the oversight and guidance of activities in this programme to ensure they reach their objectives.

Industry-level Infrastructure and Localisation Support

A specific mandate of the DAC is to support industry-level infrastructure and localisation. Specific projects impacting the automotive industry which the DAC will focus on supporting is the development of the Automotive Supplier Park in Durban.

Project Specific Localisation Support

The DAC aims to support different member firms’ project specific localisation initiatives on an ongoing basis. Encouraging localisation is key to increasing the competitiveness and growth of the automotive industry in South Africa.

Enabling buyer-supplier linkages

The DAC enables buyer-supplier linkages through various avenues, most notably the NAACAM Show incorporating the DAC’s National Localisation Indaba, as well as specific engagements on a direct member firm basis.

Development of black-owned suppliers

The DAC acknowledges the need to develop black-owned suppliers within the automotive industry. As such, the DAC undertakes to support the development of black-owned suppliers, over and above the various other activities run under the Localisation and Growth banner which benefit Previously Disadvantaged Individuals.