Manufacturing Excellence


The Manufacturing Excellence Programme aims to advance the competitiveness of operations within the local automotive industry. Benchmarking remains an essential service offering of the DAC and through the utilisation of World Class benchmark methodology and supporting analytical tools, findings continue to assist firms and the industry in general to understand the competitiveness position and challenges.

The Manufacturing Excellence programme works in a close association with the South African Automotive Benchmarking Club (SAABC) and ASCCI.

Firm-Level Benchmarking

A benchmark delivers an objective firm level assessment of a firm’s relative competitiveness to assist firms understand performance and consider opportunities for improvement in the areas of productivity, competitiveness and growth. 52 automotive component manufacturers across South Africa were assessed in the course of benchmarking activity in 2015 by the DAC, SAABC and ASCCI. With a focus on operational waste, productivity, skills development and investment, benchmarking helps firms identify challenges and opportunities for improvement.

World Class Manufacturing support

Through best practice study tours and, in 2015, the quality circle sessions, the DAC built management capacity to achieve operational performance improvements. A recent ASCCI skills study highlighted the need for local suppliers to continue to focus on lean and World Class Manufacturing and advance their capabilities to stay competitive against international counterparts.

  • The DAC extends World Class Manufacturing exposure facilitated for firms via best practice study tours, further support firms to implement the best practice observed and to offer additional capacity building via partnerships and leveraged support.
  • Quality Circle Sessions facilitate and encourage a robust system that supports continuous improvement and thus production and enhanced competitiveness at firms, while encouraging a focus on improved processes and quality awareness as well as communication. All firm participants involved in the sessions are able to facilitate a QC Programme at their firms.

The cluster will also develop local Qualifying Small Enterprises in World Class Manufacturing in support of transformation of the industry and member firms own supply chain strengthening.