DAC Labour Relations

11th April 2019

Strikes in South Africa are all too common, affecting relationships between employers and employees and the competitiveness of firms. It is imperative for employers to understand the rights of their employees, their own rights and to keep up to date with any changes to labour law.

The DAC wants to assist its members to remain compliant, productive and competitive and so hosted a workshop focusing on the 2018 Labour Relations Act Amendments.

Talent development is very important to attract and retain the best talent but also to improve employee performance and increase employee motivation. Smiths Manufacturing will share their talent development strategy to assist other members with their talent development strategies.

The workshop was a means  to gain a deeper understanding of the Labour Relations Act and its amendments and to also learn about Smiths Manufacturing’s approach to talent development.

The programme included:


Skills and Transformation TSC


Talent Development


Labour Relations Act Amendments

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