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17 August 2017

On 17 August 2017 we visited Takata to observe their localisation strategy and the successes they have achieved in localising previously imported components.

Who is Takata

Takata is located in Prospecton, South Durban, adjacent to Toyota South Africa. Takata’s Durban plant is involved in the manufacture of airbags, seat belts, and steering wheels. Takata supplies components to both Toyota and Daimler locally.

Takata Localisation strategy and successes

Takata has taken seriously the call to localise the manufacture of components. Takata has developed a comprehensive localisation strategy to take advantage of the opportunities available. Takata shared this strategy along with their successes.

Takata tour

We toured the Takata facility and had an opportunity to see their world class manufacturing process as well as the products that are in the process of being localised.

The agenda included:


TSC meeting


Presentation on Takata’s localisation strategy and successes


Tour of Takata facility

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