DAC Localisation & Growth TSC

11 June 2019

In a rapidly evolving environment, investing in capital infrastructure, maintenance and upgrading is essential to ensure that your firm is able to continue to meet existing customer requirements, while also being in a position to capitalise on future growth opportunities. In support of this objective, there is an incentive framework comprising a range of mechanisms put in place through a variety of government organisations and entities.

The DAC wants to support member firms to understand how best to utilise the incentive framework to support strategic capital investment decision-making, hence hosted a workshop on the subject. The workshop included the following

  • Linking investment to profitability, new business sales and employment creation
  • Case studies on successful capital investment projects
  • MAHLE Behr SA case study of their experience in accessing incentives

This workshop provides insights into the growth-imperative for investing in capital goods and the applicable incentives for supporting these decisions.

The programme included:


Localisation & Growth TSC


Investment trends in the automotive sector


Case study on successful capital investment projects

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