DAC Manufacturing Excellence Quality Circles Programme

20 April 2016

After the success of the pilot programme in 2015, the DAC launched its Quality Circles (QC) Programme in 2016, with the first 3-day Session to commence on Wednesday, 20 April 2016. The aim of the programme was to facilitate and encourage an improved focus on QC as a robust mechanism that supports continuous improvement and thus enhanced competitiveness at firms. All firm participants involved in the sessions would be able to facilitate a QC Programme at their firms. The DAC also provided the necessary additional follow-up support to ensure this.

Enrolment in the programme meant that firms must be commited to the following:

  • To attend all three days of the session, after which each participant received an attendance certificate
  • There must be a commitment / willingness / intention from the participating firm to establish an operational QC Programme
  • All attendees were required to do some project work prior to the third session

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