DAC Quality Circle Convention

23, 24 April & 22 May 2019

The Durban Automotive Cluster (DAC) held it’s first 2019 Quality Circle, which aims to encourage shared learning amongst industry peers.

What is a Quality Circle?

A Quality Circle (QC) is a small group of employees in the same work-area, or doing a similar type of work, who voluntarily meet on a regular basis to identify, analyse and resolve work-related problems, with the objective of driving improvements in their total performance and enrichment in their work life.

The aim of the programme is to facilitate and encourage an improved focus on QCs as a robust mechanism which supports continuous improvement and enhanced competitiveness at firms while encouraging a focus on improved processes, quality awareness and communication.

All firm participants involved in the programme will leave with the know-how and tools to facilitate a Quality Circle at their own firm. The DAC will provide the necessary additional follow-up support to ensure that this outcome is realised.

A participant in the 2018 DAC Quality Circle expressed the following about their experience in the programme:

“Everything taught in the training was effective. From the way the lessons are constructed, the most beneficial aspects that helped aid in the understanding of the training was the technical skills we were equipped with. We learned to use work-related techniques to address our daily problems and this is one of the reasons why this Circle was effective as this encouraged us to want to learn more and see the benefits of having had such training”

Enrollment into the programme requires firms to commit to the following:

– Employees to attend three days of the programme, after which each participant will receive an attendance certificate.

– There should be a commitment from the participating firm to establish an operational QC programme.

– All attendees will be required to do a project prior to the third session.

Places are limited to 4 attendees per firm and it is vital that firms RSVP urgently.

The programme included:


Day 1- 23 April 2019: Introduction to the concept and theory of Quality Circles/ Discussion on QC tools. Presentation of projects from previous groups.


Day 2-24 April 2019: Recap on QC theory, QC exercise (Required for the final session)



Day 3-22 May 2019: Presentation of projects and peer review.

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