DAC Safety Study Tour

20 June 2019

The Durban Automotive Cluster, through its Manufacturing Excellence Programme, aims to support member firms to drive firm-level improvements in manufacturing processes. There is considerable pressure being placed on manufacturers in general, and automotive manufacturers specifically, to adopt safety-based certifications such as ISO 45001. However, safety is something that transcends a piece of paper and should form part of organisational culture. Embedding safe working practices within a firm’s organisational culture is essential to ensuring the well-being of employees and has been shown to have an impact on productivity. Accidents and incidents in the workplace can have a material impact on productivity by removing individuals from the workforce.

In light of this, and in order to promote safe workplaces amongst our member firms, the DAC  hosted a safety-focused study tour at PDC.

About PDC

PDC is an innovative supplier of brass, aluminium and zinc castings to the South African and international markets. They are a specialist die caster that has been operational since 1952, supplying the automotive components industry and others.

PDC operates an intensive and interactive health and safety programme, which ensures safe working conditions for all employee and includes the provision of required safety equipment to employees.

Join the DAC on this safety tour to find out more about how to promote and enhance safety in the workplace at your firm.

The programme included:


Introduction to PDC


PDC Health & Safety Practices


Tour of PDC Plant 

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