DAC Skills Programme Workshop September 2016

6 September 2016

The DAC Skills Development Programme hosted a quarterly session on Tuesday, 6 September 2016 where our Management Development Programme delegates presented their final research projects.

About the MDP

The MDP is a comprehensive programme that equips managers with the necessary competence to implement organisations’ strategic objectives. The automotive aligned programme develops a basic understanding of the different fields of management to ensure that managers do not perform their own management functions in isolation. This intervention is set apart because it provides a broader understanding of management and leadership, and in this way brings real business benefits to participants and their organisations.

About the BDAL presentations

Over the full duration of the programme, participants are placed in syndicate teams and are required to complete a research project on themes obtained from industry that relate directly to the work environment.

Research Topics relating to industry

The delegates were placed in groups and tackled the following topics:

Group 1: Investigate the root causes for the upward trend in lost time injuries and make recommendations to address this.

Group 2: Review Skills Planning in the automotive industry and deliver a comprehensive plan that addresses the identified skills gaps, economies of scale in training, and credibility of training providers.

Group 3: Analyse causes and possible countermeasures to reduce absenteeism.

Group 4: Review methods to optimise production planning of Work-in-Progress, Finished Goods and minimum stock levels whilst also facilitating shorter customer lead times.

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