DAC Study Tour TQM

22 August 2019

The DAC, through its Manufacturing Excellence Programme, hosts study tours as an effective means of peer-learning. The tours promote information sharing to improve manufacturers’ understanding and implementation of world-class manufacturing principles and best practices. The DAC hosted a study tour focusing on Total Quality Management (TQM). The study tour  highlighted the principles and the implementation of a TQM system.

TQM is a management system centered around quality management. It is a tool that can be used to ensure that:

• Products meet customer expectations

• Processes continually improve

• Processes are efficient

• Businesses remain customer centric

About SRF Flexipak

SRF Flexipak manufactures a spectrum of standard and specialty biaxially-oriented PET and PP films which are used in the packaging of foods and industrial products. They have a world-class manufacturing plant with efficient processes that are supported by a leading TQM system that ensures superior quality of their products. They have adopted continuous improvement as a core value and it shapes their plans and actions.

Participants of this study tour can expect to:

• Understand the implementation of a TQM system in a manufacturing plant

• Understand the role that all departments have in maintaining a TQM system

• Understand the importance of continuous improvement and lean manufacturing principles in the maintenance of a TQM system

Join the DAC to understand the value of a TQM strategy for your firm. The programme will include:


Introduction to SRF Flexipak


Implementation of TQM systems


Plant Tour : TQM in practice

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