Executive Training Session - South Africa in 2030: The Latest Scenarios

6 March 2018

The Durban Automotive Cluster’s Localisation and Growth programme focuses on both the micro and macro-economic environment. The programme seeks to address the shared challenges the local automotive industry faces in harnessing market share, increasing localisation, and attracting investment. The programme also supports the growth of the local automotive manufacturing sector in domestic and international markets through the effective use of investment interventions. This Executive Training Session sought to familiarise executives with four possible scenarios for South Africa, in order to support their long-term investment decision-making.

This session was presented by Dr Frans Cronje, a renowned Scenario Planner and CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR). Dr Cronje presented SA’s political and economic prospects to over 100 corporations, governmental departments, foreign governments and political parties.

In the session he delved into an analysis of the current growth, investment, employment, education and policy trends, to name a few, focused specifically on the implications for manufacturers. He unpacked four possible scenarios for South Africa’s next decade which would prove particularly valuable for manufacturing firms with long investment horizons. The session concluded with a discussion regarding markers that indicate which scenario is unfolding and the major social, economic, and political trends that evolve under the scenarios.

The session aimed to reduce uncertainty as the scenarios gave participants advanced warning of future political and economic shifts and allowed them to introduce responses that capitalise on positive future events and navigate effectively around negative ones.

The agenda included:


South Africa in 2030: The Latest Scenarios

Dr Frans Cronje (Chief Executive Officer – South African Institute of Race Relations)

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