Demand Driven Planning Workshop

30 November 2017

The DAC hosted a workshop focussing on an innovative formal planning methodology which aligns resources, working capital, and supply chain planning and execution, to actual demand.

The Problem

Traditional material planning and control systems in which detailed forecasts are used to procure required materials and push manufacturing orders through the production and distribution systems are causing enormous amounts of friction within and between manufacturers, in today’s increasingly complex and volatile supply chains.

The Solution

The Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (MRP) methodology presented an innovative and intuitive approach, which fundamentally minimises compromises, whilst dramatically augmenting the effectiveness of a company’s planning systems.

The five components of Demand Driven MRP are:

  1. Strategic inventory positioning;
  2. Buffer profiles and level determination;
  3. Dynamic buffers;
  4. Demand driven planning; and
  5. Collaborative execution


The agenda included:

Presentation: Introduction to the Demand Driven MRP Methodology – Fundamentals and Benefits

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