Quality Circle Training Programme

18 July, 19July and 2nd August 2018

The  DAC’s Quality Circle training programme began on the18 July 2018.

The aim of the programme was to facilitate and encourage an improved focus on QCs as a robust mechanism that supports continuous improvement and enhanced competitiveness at firms while encouraging a focus on improved processes, quality awareness, and communication.

All firm participants involved in the sessions were equipped to facilitate a QC at their own firms. The DAC also providesd the necessary additional follow-up support to ensure this.

Enrolment in the programme meant that firms  committed to the following:

• Attending all three days of the session, after which each participant  received an attendance certificate

• A commitment from the participating firm to establish an operational QC Programme

• All attendees were required to do some project work prior to the third session

The agenda  included:


Day 1, 18 July 2018 Introduction to concept and theory of QC & discussion of the QC tools


Day 2, 19 July 2018: Recap of QC theory & QC exercise, requirements for final session


Day 3, 2nd August: presentation of projects and peer reviews

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