Skills Development TSC

30 November 2017

The DAC hosted their final quarterly TSC meeting and workshop for 2017. The main focus of the workshop was to explore a novel approach to addressing employee health needs, with a view to improve employee and company productivity.

Primary Health Care for the Durban Automotive Cluster
Currently there is a major drive by the South African Department of Health to provide health care services to workers and their families, much closer to where they work. Brad Mears of Southern Cross presents on a potential initiative for the provision of primary healthcare services to address the basic healthcare needs of employees – by reducing employee time in accessing health care, companies could improve overall employee morale and well-being, whilst simultaneously improving overall company productivity.

The agenda included:


Skills Development Technical Steering Committee Meeting


Presentation: A Primary Health Care Initiative for the Durban Automotive Cluster


Presentation: DAC 2018 Skills Development Programmes

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