Team Leader Training: Upskilling for Operators’ Productivity

Launching on 01 October 2019

Empowered and motivated teams increase manufacturing productivity. Operators skilled in understanding the importance of problem-solving and implementing continuous improvement projects are able to evoke positive change in their work environments. The Durban Automotive Cluster’s (DAC) Team Leader Training Programme aims to empower team leaders and supervisors on the shop floor to understand the critical role they play in the organisation and equip them with the knowledge and practical experience to drive continuous improvement in their workspace.

Team Responsibility and Competitiveness Evaluation (TRACE) is a skills programme designed to effectively develop production technology and lean manufacturing skills amongst automotive manufacturing operators. Learners were provided with insights and practical guidance to help them assume greater levels of responsibility in implementing lean principles and engaging their teams in production improvement efforts.

This programme was supported and delivered by an experienced facilitator with a deep knowledge of the automotive industry and significant lean implementation experience.

Enrolled delegates were required to commit to 1 day a week of off-line training and an additional day for off-line assignment submissions at the end of the training.

The programme included:


Offline Theory : 01 October to 22 October


Assignment & Project support : 23 October - 25 November 2019


Project Submissions : 26 November 2019

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