Rising from the Ashes – The Re-emergence of Enermous

A year has passed since the July riots shook KZN.

Enermous, a B-BBEE Level 1 automotive supplier of Foam Tape and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive products, located in Pietermaritzburg, had their facility razed to the ground during the Social Unrest that impacted South Africa, and especially KwaZulu-Natal, in July 2021. 20 employees were affected as well as their ability to supply customers.

“We were utterly devastated and heartbroken to see our factory burnt down. It was so sad for us the owners and managers as well as for our employees whose livelihoods would be impacted”

Despite the complete destruction of their factory, Enermous remained committed to the local automotive industry, setting up a temporary facility so that they could continue to supply their customers.

“While we felt really down and depressed, we knew that we could not give up. We had customers that were reliant on us for supply. But most importantly, we had employees that we needed to support. We thus set up a temporary facility so that we could start supplying our customers and ensure that our people remained employed. We were up and running within a week of the fire”
Encouragingly, Enermous will be moving into a new purchased facility in August 2022, highlighting their commitment to local production and their customers.

“We are all looking forward to moving into our new production facility in Pietermaritzburg in August. We see this as the next chapter of our journey to continuing to support the local automotive sector to prosper and grow. We are excited about the future and remain committed to South Africa and our people.”