Simplifying COVID-19: A Company Procedure Document to Facilitate Compliance and Operations

Tool:  BMA COVID-19 Company Procedure Document and Visual Standard Operating Procedures

Problem:  The COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown brought with it new challenges and firms were faced with ensuring business continuity in a new environment. Coupled with demand and supply chain uncertainty, firms were faced with the challenge of complying with rapidly changing regulations, information overload and high levels of operational complexity. For many, trying to simplify this chaotic experience was a huge challenge. Expert Automotive Trim, a cluster member of the B&M Analysts’ facilitated Durban Automotive Cluster was challenged with this and required support to begin preparing their business for operation in a highly regulated, low production environment. There was a lot of (often conflicting) information flying around and selecting the relevant information for their business that, would assist them with compliance and improve their operational effectiveness, was a challenge.

Solution:  BMA’s COVID-19 Company Procedure Document and Visual Operating Procedures was developed from analysing best practice in local and global firms in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. The documents provided guidance on setting up the business after lockdown and concisely presented the compliance requirements for COVID-19. The document was also regularly updated as legislation changed. For Expert Automotive Trim, this particular tool greatly helped them to restart the business again, operate effectively and remain compliant in the new environment.

Quote:  The template manuals, relevant risk assessment template and information was really helpful for setup after lockdown. Not knowing where to start and what information is relevant to start business again was a struggle point. The information and updates assisted us significantly.”