Team Leaders Making a Difference

Ninian & Lester identified difficulties at their factory, where the working relationships between staff were strained by low motivation, misunderstandings, poor listening skills, and a lack of operation expertise.

Portia was a TLDP learner from Ninian & Lester who prior to the programme had never used a computer. With the assistance of her mentor Penny Olivier and support of Ninian & Lester she was able to successfully work through the programme, culminating in her project presentation to over 60 senior executives across 5 different manufacturing sectors. Through the programme she identified key processes that required innovative solutions that needed improvement.

The impact TLDP has had on her team and skills:

  • Improved working relationships.
  • Motivated in all aspects.
  • Understanding of cost, waste and efficiency.
  • Priorities are organised, daily goals are set and achieved.
  • Increased Portia’s leadership skills and ignited her team’s initiative through creative thinking.
  • It has given her team a greater sense of importance and broken communication barriers.

Portia and her team noted the following weaknesses in the factory and implemented better processes:

  • Some operators were struggling to meet targets and had to work during tea breaks and lunch breaks to meet them. The team observed that even when scoresheets were completed, efficiency was not achieved.
  • During their investigation of processes, the team discovered that the units to measure were insufficient, and they devised a method for measuring the correct units and reducing waste.

Portia has also created a mini-business board, with live kanban and a kanban summary board with their KPIs. This allowed her team to stream their workflow, measure performance, reduce waste, and share ideas within the team.

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