DAC Graduate Development Programme

21 April 2020

The Durban Automotive Cluster Graduate Development Programme (GDP) aims to equip new entrants with the skills for success in the automotive industry and to bridge the gap between tertiary education and the demanding work environment of the automotive manufacturing sector.

The GDP is a readiness programme for new/young professionals and a stepping stone towards our Management Development Programme (MDP)


The DAC will provide an external, experienced mentor for all graduates on the GDP. The mentor will provide:

  • One day of training on the content per module. This is conducted at group level with all graduates participating in the programme.
  • Each individual graduate will receive 2 hours of mentoring by the mentor at their firm.


The GDP provides practical firm benefit with graduates developing and implementing projects on site with the support of our external mentor.

Successful projects from previous years:

  • Waste elimination in the finishing process
  • Elimination of fabric creasing
  • On-site power usage reduction
  • Employee morale and its impact on overall equipment effectiveness
  • Elimination of forklifts for tool changes
  • Time management methods

Email us on dac@bmanalysts.com to register graduates.

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